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New Product &
Concept Testing

Virtual Reality Glasses
Direct product development with action focused insights.
Iterate and innovate with continuous user feedback. Launch products with confidence.

Successful innovation must meet consumer's needs, have the right price and the right features in order to deliver growth and build the brand. Sprint Research helps you to develop your innovation strategy based on insights of real consumers, with expert's help. Explore people’s needs and pain points to widen new opportunities to win with innovations. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of different concepts and prioritize the highest potential one with consumer feedback, by means of concept testing. Reassess the current portfolio performance by identifying the optimum pricing, mix of features and products in order to maximize existing competitiveness for sustainable brand growth.

  • Concept testing & screening
  • Product testing
  • Pricing study
  • Portfolio optimization
  • User testing
  • Post launch evaluation


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